About MTP America

Introducing a new phase in the concrete testing industry.

Marshall Testing Products began in 2009 with a goal towards providing the best single use cylinder molds and and service on the west coast. We manufacture 4×8 inch and 6×12 inch molds and produced both lipped and non lipped products as well as flat, domed and a domed lid for the lipped molds.

ASTM C470 sets the standard for single-use cylinder molds. We understand the results of using poor quality raw materials and continually strive to insure our products are produced with materials that will perform as you expect them.   Our dedication to quality therefore, means we might not always have the lowest price but we will have the best product. Our molds will exceed your expectations.

Marshall Testing Products, in an effort to keep our entire process onshore, chose tooling that was designed and built locally. We are very proud to say Made in USA on our products.

Our goal is to provide you with a cylinder mold that will allow you to do your job with assurance. We look forward to a future of providing you with a product that will stand up to any in the world. Please contact us and let us demonstrate that we stand behind our commitment to you.

Don A. Marshall
Marshall Testing Products, LLC